How we choose our Partners

We think our partners are pretty special! They are changing the world for the better and are the unseen helpers championing the issues that matter to us.

Icons – You will see icons throughout our website to quickly identify the cause that our Social Enterprises impact and how they impact it. Our partners are clear and transparent about who they impact, why and how they contribute.

Product – The products are ethically sourced and created using sustainable methods. We look for Social Enterprises who are creating employment opportunities for the marginalised and support underserved and underfunded communities. We ensure packaging is minimal, using recycled and plastic free. Edible products are free from nasties, locally sourced and are as close to nature as possible. All businesses are Australian owned and many are owned by females.

Causes – Mental Health, Animal Welfare, Homelessness, and the Environment are some of the areas the Social Enterprises on the Goods 4 Good platform focus on. They work with organisations, charities and not for profits in these areas and contribute through sharing their profits and championing these causes. Some Social Enterprises are working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals whilst others are trying to change consumer behavior for the better.

Impact – Social Enterprises on Goods 4 Good platform have clearly defined what their impact is. They are transparent on how much or how they contribute, who they contribute to and report on their impact to date. Goods 4 Good regularly updates impact information on its platform.

If this sounds like you, come and join us – you will be in Good company! Please fill out this form and we will be in touch. Or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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