Desert Wildflower Bracelet


The Desert Flower bracelet was inspired by the resilience of women like May Yu Zin, who come to Eden after experiencing overwhelming injustice, betrayals, and trauma. They are like the desert flowers that miraculously flourish in the harshest conditions, their leaves surviving even under the fierce desert sun.

We hope this bracelet inspires you to take action so we can change the story of trafficking victims like May Yu Zin as you share their stories and seek justice. 18K gold-plated bracelet, 0.5″ extension with 7″ chain.


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This precious jewellery carries the stories of women rescued from human trafficking. Your purchase makes a brave new life possible for a trafficking survivor. There are millions of women and girls trapped in sexual exploitation around the world.  All profits are used to transform their stories from dark despair to hope, through counselling, creative therapies, job training, and more.

Each piece of jewelry is inspired by the true story of a courageous woman and handmade by rescued women. The profits from each of your purchases directly benefit the women in Eden’s comprehensive program to reach, rescue, and restore trafficking victims.To learn more about exactly how Eden makes a long term impact in the lives of these women and girls, have a look at their work.


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