Naiteev Golf Tee – 80mm Wedge


  1. These stylish matte black golf tees are made from recycled plastic car bumper bars! This year Naiteev removed 1.3 tonne of plastic from landfill. This not for profit organisation has forged a supply chain of local waste collectors, processors and manufacturers, squaring the circular economy in the Sydney basin. Box contains 5 x 80mm Wedge Golf Tees.


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Naiteev’s primary ecological objective is landfill diversion with a focus on bulk waste items: in particular, polypropylene car bumper bars. These car bumper bars end up in landfill because they are too difficult to recycle. IBISWorld 2013 reported the Australian Automotive Industry’s national recycle rate was just 1.9%.

Naiteev’s vision is to employ those in their local community with significant life barriers. The aim is to create a stable and rewarding workplace and offer opportunities for education and training in the plastic manufacturing industry. 

Having only officially launched in 2020, they are just getting started and already can see the exponential possibilities for local recycling. 

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