YUMM! Chocolates


100% of profits from the sale of this chocolate is reinvested into creating resources to help support mental health. There are 10 unique positive messages to collect that can be scanned to access resources. All resources are free and available to anyone. The chocolate and packaging is sourced from local businesses.

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YUMM! chocolate was created by a team of young doctors who saw the need for improved primary intervention strategies to help combat the onset of mental health disorders in 18 to 35-year-olds. They facilitate this through the sale of YUMM! chocolate.

Positive and actionable messages are placed on the front of every chocolate to spark conversations about caring for mental wellness and share a more comprehensive idea of health (a topic often overshadowed by the emphasis placed on physical fitness). These messages haveĀ a scannable code which takes you to their website and the specific resource relating to the positive and actionable message it accompanies.

All resources are created with the help of a diverse range of mental health professionals using insights from medical and lived experiences.

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