Social Enterprise

“The problem is not that people don’t want to help others, the problem is they don’t know who to trust and whether their money will actually make a difference to someone’s life” Brett Hagler

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A Social Enterprise is sometimes misunderstood. These businesses make a profit and either use these profits towards a cause or conduct their business in a way that benefits society. This business model allows for a long term and sustainable way of supporting a cause rather than reliance on the competitive market for grants and donations. There is no official count of the number of Social Enterprises in Australia but it is estimated to be well over 30,000 businesses for good. 

The majority of Social Enterprises chosen by Goods 4 Good are Australian based, support local causes and give you the opportunity to buy local. The other Social Enterprises featured by Goods 4 Good are working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 interlinked goals “provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”. The date for reaching these goals was set as 2030.

When you buy from a Social Enterprise, you are also taking action towards supporting the cause that they champion. Not everyone has the time to search for these amazing companies. We at Goods 4 Good have reviewed these companies to ensure they are delivering great products that are kind to the planet and its people. Shop here, with confidence for products curated by Goods 4 Good.

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